Technologies and licenses

Here is the list of technologies used to create this website. The website and license of these are also listed. Many technologies and libaries are used and I am working on keeping this list up to date, but it's very likely that it is not complete. Original CSS template is here
Many libraries under the Spring name is used on the backend like: Spring core, Spring MVC, Spring aop, Spring data, Spring security
Database related stuff.
License: Apache 2.0
Used as the frontend HTML editor for creating and editing articles it's currently only visible to the admin(s) but it's a very important tool.
License: LGPL
Very fancy! Used in the image gallery.
License: MIT
JQuery is used all over the place.
License: MIT
Font awesome
Cool font for icons.
Highlight JS
Code highlighting.
License: BSD 3
Some common design elements.
License: MIT